12 Best Workout Headphones of 2018 – Wired or Bluetooth?

If you are into workouts or some serious fitness regime, then definitely music is your motivation.


If this is the case, then you must be searching for Best Workout Headphones of 2018.

Therefore, I have written this post where I mentioned 12 fabulous workout headphones including both wired and Bluetooth options.

So, I have divided the two headphones into two categories – Wired and Bluetooth. So, first, we will read about 6 best workout Bluetooth headphones of 2018 followed by 6 wired headphones.

So let get started!

First, let’s have a quick look at Bluetooth Vs Wired Workout Headphones

  • Regarding sound quality Bluetooth headphones are slightly less good than wired headphones.
  • Although wired headphones scored high in sound quality, in comfort level Bluetooth headphones tops the list.
  • When it comes to “control” buttons or operating the headphone then wired ones are quite easy to reach and work. However,

6 best workout BLUETOOTH headphones of 2018

It is one of the most comfortable in-ear wireless Bluetooth workout headphone that not just sounds great but also sweat resistant. It has the winged tips that fit securely in your ears. The Bose SoundSport Wireless have an auto-off feature to save the battery life. Also, headphones work pretty decently as a headset when making phone calls.

Bose Soundsport wireless

What don't I like?

The ear piece looks little bulky (but not heavy). The battery life lasts up to 6 hours only.

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As compared to JayBird X2 predecessor, it has improved in so many ways. It comes with better carrying case, offer new matte finish, enhanced sweat-proofing, better battery life and comfortable ear fit design. In the category of Bluetooth headsets for workouts, it offers reliable wireless connection and better sound quality.

JayBird BBX1MB

What don't I like? JayBird X2 look similar to its previous model, and its “fit” is not comfortable as compared to Bose SoundSport Wireless.

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a lightweight stereo workout headphone that offers better sound quality and features sweat-resistant design. Most people find it quite comfortable to wear as it fits nicely to ears.

Plantronics BackBeat

The headphone also come with the reflective armband case for smartphone, which is USP of the headphone in its price.

What don't I like? When you are running using this headphone, then cord may flop a bit, which can be irritating. Also, it is slightly overpriced as per its design, comfort and features.

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In the category of Bluetooth workout headphones, Powerbeats 2 Wireless offer awesome sound quality. It has strong battery life that lasts up to 12 hours. Also, it comes with improved fit and reliable operation. Moreover, the headphone is quite easily compatible with both Android and iOS.

Powerbeats 2

What I don’t like? As compared to the other Bluetooth workout headphones, it is a good buy. But, when compared with Powerbeats 3, it is not as good as it is supposed to be.

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It offers excellent noise cancellation feature and sweat proof lightweight wireless headphone, which is a good buy in its price range. It has excellent ear fit which is good for using it during running sessions. Moreover, it can be easily paired up with both IPhone and Android smartphones.

Matone Qy8

What don't I like? Overall, it is a decent buy, but there is no harm in exploring better options in Bluetooth workout headphones.

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The design of the Mpow Wolverine is quite nice, and they fit comfortable in ears. The top of the headphone has vinly-kind of finish and the actual earphone is made up of rubberized plastic. The range of the headphone connectivity is fine and has Bluetooth 4.1. It is free from distortion and sound is clear and crisp. Even, it offers decent level of bass.

Mpow Wolverine

What I don’t like? For Mpow Wolverine I have to find the right size of earbuds and if you don’t do that then it will keep falling from the ear. Specifically, during running sessions.

This was all about the best Bluetooth workout headphones that one can buy compared to other expensive range.

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What can beat the scullcandy in wired headphone? Well, Bose can point to some extent as both run parallel regarding sound quality, design, comfort and control features.

Skullcandy Grind is available at a modest price. It is comfortable to wear, excellent sound quality, light weight and comes with an integrated microphone or remote. The USP of this headphone is its headband is of metal instead of plastic.

Skullcandy Grind

What I don’t like?  It does not have in-line volume controls. Does not fold up and does not include the carrying case.

In my opinion, it is one of the best buys in wired workout headphones, though personally one thing that bothers me about this product is it does not fold. This makes it little difficult to carry everywhere and anytime.

What I don’t like?  It does not have in-line volume controls. Does not fold up and does not include the carrying case.

In my opinion, it is one of the best buys in wired workout headphones, though personally one thing that bothers me about this product is it does not fold. This makes it little difficult to carry everywhere and anytime.

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Again Bose SoundSport tops the list even in the caegory of wired headphones. They are not just sweat proof, also comfortable and secure. Moreover, it includes integrated remote and provides pleasant bass, microphone, appealing “open” design and nice carrying case.

Bose Soundsport earphone

What I don’t like? The only drawback with Bose SoundSport is it is not good to use in noisier surroundings as it lets the sound in.

Bose Soundsport earphone
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Again in its price, it offers a decent sound quality provided you get the right grip or seal while putting it in your ears. It also comes with nice carrying case and an extension cord, which is hard to find in any other wired headphones (at this price). You can say that it is its USP.

MEE Audio M6

What I don’t like? It cannot be used for making the calls as it does have remote or built-in microphone. Also, if you fail to get the right seal, then it will hurt the sound quality and reduced the comfort level.

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 It is comfortable, affordable and decent purchase in its price. As far as the sound quality is concerned, you would not be disappointed. It offers right tonal balance and feels like a rich sound. The USP of this headphone is it comes with two years of warranty. Moreover, it is nicely integrated with the Apple phones. Let you make calls because it is cohesive with an inline microphone or remote.

Shure SE315 K

What don't I like? The headphone does offer a carrying case, and its upper surface is prone to scratch. The overall design and finish of the headphone are generic.

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#11.  Koss KSC75

Again in its price it is one of the best buys provided you are not much into the high specifications of the headphones in the wired category. Right from the sound quality to its build, everything about this headphone is at average rating.

Kross KSC75

What don't I like? The plastic quality or overall built quality of the headphone is not good which makes it less durable. Moreover, the noise cancellation feature is not good as compared to other wired headphone.

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It is a closed back design that offer excellent noise cancellation. It also offers superb ear comfort that keeps the external sounds at bay.

Well, it comes with ballistic nylon case and detachable case that can be plugged into jacks on either side of the ear cups. The USP of this headphone is it comes with the lifetime warranty.

What don't I like? It is too expensive which do not compensate the features and functionalities it offers as a headphone.

What you should buy Bluetooth or Wired workout headphones?

Honestly, the choice between Bluetooth or wired headphones depends on personal choice and the requirement.

I am not too much into the fitness regime, therefore, I can manage both Bluetooth and the wired headsets. Moreover, I do a lot of variations including, Zumba, Pilate, running, etc., so both offers me excellent benefits respectively.

The only difference which I felt in using both these types of workout headphones is Bluetooth headphones are easy to manage but comes with limited battery life.

For instance, if you are 6-8 hours of fitness regime in a day then you need to recharge your wireless headphone again and again depending upon the quality you have. But, they are easy to carry and smooth to manage.

On the contrary, wired headphones does keep you away from recharge hassle but since they are wired which means “tangling” will be there and little heavy to use.

I hope you like the list of 12 best workout headphone of 2018 . If you have any issues or doubts, please drop your message in a comment box below, and we will get back to you with best possible solution.