Top 6 Best Subwoofer under $200

Are you enthusiastically looking for Best Sub woofer under $200 that can give you amazing audio experience? Here is our quick list of quality Sub woofer that you should only browse when you searching something affordable yet fashionable. These are some of the excellent options to buy to enhance your audio experience at your office or home.When it comes to browsing the list of affordable and budget sub-woofers then there are myriad options in the market to buy. But, the only challenge is how many of them are truly worth the money you are willing to spend. With a good insight on best sub woofers of 2017 you will get better idea to buy the quality within budget.

Buying guide for subwoofers

First, let us clarify exactly what a subwoofer does and is. Subwoofers are like loudspeakers. However, they can be responsible just for the low-frequency sounds, in the bass line in your chosen tune to the rumbling of a chopper in an activity-packed film. Subwoofers add depth to any song, picture or game soundtrack that usually can’t be reached through standard loudspeakers alone.

The sole kinds of loudspeakers that could come close to delivering low frequencies the manner a subwoofer does are freestanding floor speakers, but then the general audio experience will enhance. Smaller bookshelf-type speakers are not capable of managing the long drivers needed to replicate the lower frequencies, which is another reason surround sound systems usually comprise a different, dedicated subwoofer.

In regards to positioning and space of your subwoofer, you’ll find several possibilities. Though placing it close to your wall can raise the rumbling effects Subwoofers to come in most sizes and will be put just about anywhere in your listening area. If you think that should place your subwoofer close to your tv, you may need to consider finding a video-shielded subwoofer.

There are a variety of factors when choosing a subwoofer model as you can easily observe. Now you can locate a subwoofer any place, for almost any budget, as well as in various colors to coordinate with your décor. Need help finding the one that is right for you? Speak with a consumer electronics sound specialist or an audio pro for more guidance.

Let’s begin with Top 6 Subwoofer under $200

#1. Theater Solutions SUB12F

Theater Solutions SUB12F

It features a built-in automatic shut off system that’s extremely helpful. If it doesn’t get any signal, it automatically turns off in two minutes. Designed with attention to detail, this can be among the finest home theater woofer under 200.It is a 12-inch subwoofer that delivers the amazing sound experience. It has a simple design while offering a full-bodied sound. When it’s the bright trebles or the deep bass that you’re expecting not to overlook, this subwoofer makes sure that each sound is correctly reproduced.

Price: $159.99

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#2. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D

Individuals are very satisfied using the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D. It’s a good system to get a better bass sound while you’re cruising in your ride and it’s made from solid components, including 5/8-inch MDF and airplane grade carpeting.

When it comes to disadvantages, some customers have complained regarding the standard of the product’s amp. It’s significant to take into account negative feedback also. While most reviews are extremely favorable and many grievances, which are comparatively uncommon, are centered on the amp’s subpar quality. This affordable design comes from a trustworthy brand name, and its essential “pros” are its pair of twelve-inch subwoofers are well made with a Terminator-style design.

While we did talk about several criticisms that have been related to amp quality, you should be aware of this subwoofer system gets incredibly high reviews from most users. It’s a proven winner with buyers, and for this reason, we’re placing it in the limelight now.

Price: $149.95

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#3. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch

Rockford Fosgate Punch

When you purchase this merchandise, you’ll receive a twelve-inch subwoofer in a sealed enclosure. The unit is powered up via 300 watts of amp power. This design has plenty of advantages as you can easily observe. Now, let’s look.

This Rockford Fosgate brand layout costs a bit more than some on our list. Nevertheless, it costs less than two hundred dollars, and it does supply lots of worth for the price. The P300 12 is promoted as an “all-in-one” subwoofer system which adds factory systems and bass. It’s additionally built to be a space-economy model.

Blowout is a problem with subwoofer systems, and it’s uncommon to get someone who hasn’t by pushing an excessive amount of wattage or something similar to that blown out the system. Overall, this model is loved by folks and value its profound and booming bass sound.

Price: $181.87

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#4. Monoprice 109723

Monoprice 109723

It includes the choice to go into standby mode if it doesn’t get any signal for 2 minutes. Monoprice gives you a choice to maintain the subwoofer on for so much time as you need should you not need it to go in the standby mode.

This 150-watt powered subwoofer is excellent if you’re expecting to love games and films along with a few astounding sound. It’s an impedance matching circuit plus it contains a unique power. What this means is the electricity output to the front loudspeakers is not going to reduce when you’ve got it and your speaker system linked.​

Price: $141.47

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#5. Kicker 10C124 Comp 12″

Kicker Comp 12-Inch

Most customers believed that they received for what they spent superior worth and they were quite satisfied with their purchases. With no significant image, this will function as the system that you’ve been looking forward to, in the event that you would like funding worth. It’ll let you get more out of your vehicle’s sound system, by supplying the thumping bass you want.


You’ll discover this one provides exceptional value to get a comparatively low cost in case you would like an extremely affordable subwoofer. This can be among the least expensive layouts on the list. Nevertheless, it offers lots of pros for budget oriented people. As an example, when you purchase this Kicker-brand layout, you’ll find strong elements assembled so you can endure the test of time and get clean and loud bass.

Price: $78.95

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6. Pioneer TS-W3003D4 12″

Pioneer Ts w3003d4

Another great subwoofer in the list is the Pioneer TS-W3003D4 that features a twelve-inch subwoofer which needs .85 to 1.75 cubic feet to function as it should. This remarkable subwoofer gets great marks, and it’s incredibly affordable.

​When it comes to disadvantages, this layout gets quite a few good reviews and for this reason, we’ve featured it here. Nevertheless, some individuals did have problems with parts breaking. You’ll likely possess the excellent user experience that most owners have if you just follow the manual instructions.

​As you most likely know, Pioneer is a top sound brand that’s famous because of its high-quality electronic equipment. Among the key experts of purchasing this system is the fact that you’ll be getting Pioneer quality that is bona fide. At the same time, this subwoofer is created in the USA and includes a one-year guarantee.

Price: $80.93

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Things you should remember when buying car subwoofers

There is nothing like having a hammering subwoofer in your car that makes everything vibrate. With there being 1000s to choose from out there it might be difficult to get the right one. In this short article, we’ll give you five tips that will help you decide the best subwoofer for your automobile.

# The first thing you need to do is look in the kind of music you listen. Some music produces heavy bass and for that reason would require a subwoofer.​

# Consider just how many subwoofers you would like? Many people want to go all out more and install two or more. However, you have to consider these factors when determining, first look in the size of you boot up, and examine the kind of music you listen also. Should you pay attention to music like dance, rap, hip-hop, drum, and bass, you’ll gain from more or 2 subwoofers where if you listen to pop and R in B you can get away with having one subwoofer.​

# Get a subwoofer that fits in with all the existing set up of speakers you’ve got. Do a few research folks to see what blends best.

# Consistently get a subwoofer with a long-lasting cone. This can be essential as the cone shields the subwoofer from tear and wear due to heavy bass. Purchase subwoofers that have polypropylene, aluminum, Kevlar, and carbon fiber cones. And avoid paper cones for their low durability.​

The Final Say

Purchasing the audio system for your home or car is not a cake walk.These systems cost a fortune, hence, it is crucial that you should buy them right from the first time.The six options mentioned above are of best quality and highly recommended by the users. Even you can see the user rating on Amazon.So go ahead and buy the best. If you have any doubts drop your query in a comment box below.